Cook County Chicago Alderman Activities Ward by Ward

Updated weekly

Ward 1 A much needed Republican Candidate here

Ward 2 looking to Republican Committee man Marty Phelan to find the candidate who like him has much to offer.

Ward 3

Ward 4 Lori Yokohama who is politically connected and easily won the Republican Committee man seat should be able to submit a Candidate

Ward 5

Ward 6 Look to Republican Committeeman Darnell Macklin to find the best candidate for his ward.

Ward 7 Republican Committeeman Juan Antonio Diaz is on the move to decide which of 3 Candidates to support. Dorian Myrickes, has announced

Ward 8

Ward 9

Ward 10 look to Rich Martinez who almost won the seat from the Dems to run again but be joined by 2 others to make this a 4 man race.

Ward 11

Ward 12 The former Republican Candidate who had his garage burned down for campaigning has been cut out of the ward in the remapping.

Ward 13

Ward 14

Ward 15 Alberto Bocanegra is ready to circulate his petitions. Heard a black minister is also going to collect.

Ward 16 A candidate to announce soon

Ward 17

Ward 18

Ward 19

Ward 20

Ward 21

Ward 22 Look for Carlos Alvarez to consider a run if He is not selected to fill the vacancy of HD 9 whose candidate just moved out of State.

Ward 23

Ward 24 A BLACKBERRY Minister is thinking about it..

Ward 25 Expect an announcement soon

Ward 26 You can bet there are at least 2 challenging the incumbent. The community has been in a fight with local elected leaders and want them out…

Ward 27

Ward 28

Ward 29

Ward 30

Ward 31 Texas Chavez has announced

Ward 32

Ward 33 We need someone here! I ran in 2003 but do not live in the ward anymore.

Ward 34

Ward 35 Walter Zarnecki,  should he run is our choice in 35

Ward 36 A community Activist named Alonso Zaragoza has announced against the Dem. Incumbent…His home was mapped out by the new ward remapping leaving his neighbor to the right and left of him in the old ward. A little blatant move by the Dems.

Ward 37

Ward 38 Heard Nick Spasato may run here since he is dealing with remapping issues. I like him has an independent streak

Ward 39

Ward 40

Ward 41 was once Republican so this can become a win if a good candidate gets in.

Ward 42 Who is out there that wants to take on over 10,000 extra ballots vulnerable for the taking and all to be used against them….Don’t think anyone will bother and where is the former Chicago Chairs comments on this… where

Ward 43 Bonita Buenos to has the option to run again or choose to run in the new remapped Ward.

Ward 44 Scott Davis, Fmr.Illinois Director of the Ron Paul for President will give the incumbent quite the challenge.He has a strong organization and has been given the nod by sitting Alderman…should be fun to watch

Ward 45 John Garrido has announced to Challenge Dem. Incumbent

Ward 46 A CHARTER school may be at the center of a community uproar.

Ward 47 A possible city worker may go up against Madigan incumbent

Ward 48

Ward 49

Ward 50 Female Lebanese challenger looking into running.

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