The Importance of the IRR-PAC: The State of Our State

Selecting principled candidates for Chicago and the rest of Illinois is critical to reviving integrity in our State.

Illinois, specifically Chicago, has become infamous for its corruption and politicians that fail to live up to their promises. The current state debt is over $200 Billion. Even with these unfunded liabilities, lawmakers have little appetite for drastic spending cuts but hesitate very little to propose income-tax increases and fee increases.

This is why the Mission of the IRR-PAC is critical. The IRR-PAC finds, vets, supports, trains and endorses principled candidates who have the courage and conviction to challenge the political status quo. The candidates we endorse have promised to end the corruption, balance the budget, create jobs, lesson the burdens placed on citizens and  businesses and bring integrity back to Illinois  politics.

We realize, however, that we can’t accomplish this alone and understand that it will take a multi-pronged approach to help candidates spread a positive message that resonates with voters. Candidates that receive our endorsement are introducedto a multitude of like-minded organizations which build the possibility of success.

It takes a great deal of TEAMWORK and coordination to help a candidate run a successful campaign and  to effectively deliver their message to their constituents.

Today, a candidate’s message is much more than a 30 second sound bite. It’s a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter stream, a series of YouTube videos, Virtual Town Halls, Money Bombs, creative Hashtags, a technologically advanced web site, social media networking…. and the list goes on and on and on.

Long gone are the days where races are won or lost by how many prime time T.V. spots a candidate is able to put on, how many hand-shakes they are able to exchange at fundraisers. Today, it is more crucial than ever for candidates to reach out beyond their party affiliation. The influence of Political Action Committees, like the IRR-PAC, are often the key to helping candidates succeed.

An endorsement by the IRR-PAC sends a clear message that the candidate is aligned with our Values and that she/he will represent the best interest of his/her constituents.  While this may seem overly simplistic, it is what happens behind the scene that is not. The IRR-PAC has a well-established track record of backing winning candidates in a number of highly contested state and local elections.

We also have experience working in a number of distinctly disadvantaged districts, where it’s extremely difficult to make much headway and most are in Chicago. So, while our opposition may speak with one voice, our organization speaks with many. And our voice and the voice of other like-minded groups and organizations, who we have built relationships with and have formed strategic partnerships which over the years, has allowed us broadcast a clear and UNIFIED message.

We believe that United We Stand, Divided We Fall. If you Support our Mission, Vision and Values, please Donate or Volunteer so we can bring Integrity back to Chicago and Illinois Politics.

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