Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC Announces 2014 Primary Endorsements

Senate District 24


Chris Nybo v. Dennis Reboletti


A one-term State Rep., Chris Nybo has shown he’s not afraid to make the tough calls. He is an independent thinker and isn’t part of the GOP establishment that has for decades, gone along to get along in Springfield. He will bring a strong conservative voice to the caucus and will be a strong advocate for real pension reform. Nybo is endorsed.


House District 34


Fatimah Macklin v. Mark Ekhoff


Fatimah Macklin, who holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology as well as an MBA, is a strong platform candidate running in a district that stretches from the city’s South side all the way down into Will County, northeast of Kankakee. Macklin is well respected in her community and has the interpersonal skills to be an effective legislator. She is endorsed.


House District 42


Jeanne Ives v. Adam Johnson


In her first term, Jeanne Ives has earned a reputation as a practical lawmaker who isn’t afraid to act on principle rather than politics. Her vote against SB 1 this past Fall shows how adept she is at analyzing policy – realizing that the bill was not true reform but another move to further kick the can down the road. Ives will stick to her guns in the face of adversity and continue to serve her constituents as well as the state. She is endorsed.


House District 48


Peter Breen v. Sandra Pihos


Peter Breen, an attorney for the Thomas More Society is an exceptional platform candidate who currently serves as a Lombard Village Trustee. As acting Village Mayor of Lombard, Peter initiated a line-by-line review of the Village’s budget where he identified and cut over a half a million dollars in spending without loss of Village services. Furthermore, he permanently eliminated the Village’s vehicle sticker tax and returned that money to the taxpayers. A proven leader like Peter is sorely needed in Springfield. He is absolutely endorsed.


House District 50


Julie Cosimo v. Beth Goncher v. Keith Wheeler v. William Keck


Julie Cosimo of Oswego currently serves as the Director of Career Development at Benedictine University. She is the best choice to replace retiring State Rep., Kay Hatcher. A past small business owner, her experiences have prepared her for a position in the General Assembly. A strong supporter of the second amendment, she supports expansion of vocational programs to get Illinoisans back to work. Cosimo is endorsed.


House District 75


John Anthony v. Ron Severson


Appointed to Rep. Pam Roth’s seat last year, John Anthony has quickly emerged as a respected and trusted lawmaker in Springfield. His decision to have his challenger’s petition challenge dropped was a classy move that showed his respect for democracy. A past police officer, John has embarked on a crusade to reduce the size of government and empower his constituents. He has also prioritized education reform and second amendment rights. John is unequivocally endorsed.


House District 97


Mark Batinick v. Richard Chapman v. Amanda Mancke


This primary is a race for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Mark Batinick is a commercial real estate broker who works predominantly with small businesses. Mark has been active in local politics for years, helping elect strong fiscal conservatives. He ran a tough race for Will County Auditor in 2012, where he was the top performing Republican on the ticket. He is a leading advocate on transparency initiatives and will go to Springfield, dead set on reducing government waste. Furthermore he will be a leading conservative voice within his own party. He is strongly endorsed.


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